IYF World Camps

Come learn the many opportunities offered for volunteering, and a thorough explanation about the upcoming 2018 IYF World Camp in New York.

What will we do during the Info Session

• Register for WC
• Presentation about WC
• Culture Exhibition
• Performance
• Get to know each other

We look forward to hearing from you.

Location & Time


For more info, call 1-888-634-8436.

Volunteer Opportunities

Preparation Team

Volunteers for the Prep Team will assist in all pre-event planning and preparation,
whether it be anything from office jobs to going out in the field to promote the World Camp.


Promote World Camp through all types of media.
EX) SNS, Press Release, video production, homepage administration


Contact and collaborate with sponsors who will be able to support the World Camp.
EX) Camp fundraising, donation, sponsorship


Prepare and manage academies for the World Camp.
EX) Invite guest lecturers, create IYF Academy display boards, prepare for Academy class


Preparing for World Camp VIPs
EX) Ushering, reception, invite VIPs


Help design and build various mediums for events before and during the World Camp.
EX) World Camp bulletin board, venue signs, etc.

Leadership Symposium Team

Volunteers in the Leadership Symposium Team will engage in a project that goes throughout the year as we train teens into leaders through a new approach.

Event Coordination

• Planning the concept of the Symposium and topics that will be addressed.
• Securing venues for Leadership Symposiums in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island
• Creating the Symposium program and how it will be run.

Administrative Staff

• Office work including writing letters, making phone calls, holding regular team meetings.

Conducting Field Research

• Organizing focus groups with high school students from around New York City and Long Island.
• Interviewing and holding discussions on current youth problems.
• Working closely with high school students.

Public Relations

• Meeting with school officials, non-profit youth organizations, and government-run youth bureaus to:
• Present our organization and programs
• Gain support and partnerships
• Invite panel members and student participants for the Symposium

How to Volunteer

Step 1

Set up an appointment.
Call or text to 1-801-656-5299
Anytime between Monday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

Step 2

Visit our IYF Manhattan branch.
2152 3rd New York, NY, 10035

Step 3

Attend an info session.
You’ll find out everything you need to know about working with IYF.
Every Saturday at 10 AM
IYF Manhattan Center
2152 3rd New York, NY, 10035

Step 4

Start volunteering!

The benefits of volunteering with IYF

– Certificate of Completion
– Volunteering hours with a quality youth organization
– A wonderful and memorable experience!