Volunteering with IYF

English Camps

IYF English Camp is a short-term Christian mission trip
where volunteers expose students of all ages to the English language and American culture.

IYF English Camp has impacted tens of thousands of people in Haiti and Mexico, as well as Russia and Korea since 2005. Those who volunteer or work with IYF receive the happiness that comes from serving others each time.
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World Camps

IYF World Camp helps young people transcend their limitations
to establish strong spiritual roots and a solid foundation for leadership.

IYF World Camp aims to guide its participants as they transition from academic settings to the real world, where their choices have greater potential to ignite change and positively affect those around them.
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Good News Corps

GNCorps is an IYF overseas volunteering initiative that develops
a true global mindset in the next generation’s leaders.

GNCorps is a unique opportunity for college-aged men and women to travel abroad and directly engage in all aspects of foreign culture: language, cuisine, music, architecture, sports, and traditional performance. Through 10 months of service, GNCorps volunteers develop a global perspective and gain a genuine heart to serve others. GNCorps also works to advance collaboration and international exchange, as well as provide services that improve quality of life, education, and spirit for natives of each participating nation.
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U.S. Cantata Tour


With 3 beautiful music-filled stages (Birth, Happiness, and Glory), and 1 eternal message of hope, Gracias Christmas Cantata presents audiences the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of hope, love, and God’s forgiveness in our hearts. Gracias Christmas Cantata has toured places like New Orleans, Detroit, and Red Lake reservation to bring the Christmas spirit and heart of God to people low on morale or experiencing hopelessness.
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Performing Arts

Meaningful performing arts are essential to the potency of iyf programs.
We infuse each of our pieces with the core virtues of Challenge-Change-Cohesion.

IYF productions win awards, attract top-level music and acting talent, present impeccable stage and production design, and touch countless hearts in the process. Audiences, young and old, come away with bigger dreams and a deeper view of themselves and the world they live in.
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Local Outreach


Our programs transform lives of people in foreign countries and impact those who need education, spiritual development, and hope right here at home…
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