The Mind Lecture gains momentum with enactment of Character Education Improvement Law in Korea Events take place amidst support and cooperation from governments in Philippines, India, Swaziland etc.

Many people have been connected with the gospel through the Mind Lecture in India, Philippines, Swaziland, and Europe, Asia etc. different parts of the world. Especially in Manipur and Hyderabad in India, the state government appraised it as the education that will be responsible for the future of the youths and wholeheartedly supported with building site, etc. There was also a rush of orders from each university requesting Mind Education.

On the other hand, there is growing interest in character improvement as the Character Education Improvement Law was enforced in Korea since July. Within such growing trends, the ‘Mind Lecture Competition’ was held in different parts of the nation and the Mind Education is being established as model character education program as they take place in schools, prisons, etc. The mind education that is based on the experience accumulated over 15 years through the youth activities carried out with different nation governments, it is being evaluated as the education program needed in this era.