Local Community Outreach Commitment

Our programs transform lives of people in foreign countries and impact those who need education, spiritual development, and hope right here at home. Our dedication to our local communities is as strong as the initiatives and events we execute on a global level.

Volunteering with the United Way of Long Island


Group- Korean Church 2013 048r

August 27, 2013
The first was collaboration with United Way of Long Island for a volunteer project in Garden City, NY. Almost 60 IYF World Camp participants left in the morning to go to the Garden City Bird Sanctuary. From 10 to 4pm, our volunteer participants worked hard all day to clean and restore the Sanctuary from the damage of last year’s Hurricane Sandy.

Parent Workshop Series

Reestablishing connections within the family

A new U.S. Program aimed to help parents reestablish connections with their children who display at-risk behavior.


IYF has partnered with elementary school teachers, deans, and other educators around New York City to identify mothers and fathers who are losing control of their households because of a myriad of reasons: long hours at work, poor neighborhoods, children facing peer pressure or negative outside influences, etc.

The first Parent Workshop was held at the 2013 IYF World Camp in New York. Single mothers traveled from various parts of the region to listen to IYF counselors and child development specialists regarding the welfare of their children, several of who had already been dealing and abusing drugs.

The parents walked away with hope that a bright future awaits their families. IYF aims to help change the hearts of young people, through adolescence and into young adulthood.

Culture Exhibition

Experience the world in a day

A free event that unites communities with cultural performances, cultural booths, international fashion, and overseas volunteer recruitment


Good News Corps volunteers present findings from heir terms of service through exhibits of souvenirs, clothes, and memories they received from their host countries. These engaging booth activities plant the inspiration to serve others the same way. Dance and music performances create a festive atmosphere and a common bond with participants and onlookers.

IYF World Culture Exhibition had quickly become a catalyst for international exchange and yet another dynamic way IYF helps young people develop the mindset and capacity to become a globally minded leader.