IYF welcomes Susan Francia as a Leadership Speaker for the 2012 IYF World Camp New York. Susan is a 2-time Olympic gold medalist and 5-time World Champion, most notably having won the gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics as an integral member of the US rowing team.

Born in Szeged, Hungary and raised in Abington, Pennsylvania, Susan knew she was destined for sports in some fashion, having been blessed with an athletic 6’2’’ frame by just the beginning of high school.

In her sophomore year at the University of Pennsylvania, Susan picked up an oar for the first time and joined the UPenn crew team, where she discovered her natural talent for rowing. She continued to hone her skills and excel until she completed her Bachelor’s program at UPenn with honors in Criminology.

Susan put her “private eye” aspirations on hold by trying out for and making the Olympic rowing team that was headed to Beijing. It was there in 2008, that Susan won her first Olympic gold medal. She continued to make her mark with her team, winning 5 more World Championships and another Olympic gold medal this past month in London. The road to her second Olympics was a challenging one: she had to overcome a herniated disk, as well as a stress-fractured rib.

Susan brings her amazing Olympic story to the 2012 IYF World Camp in New York on August 27th at 10:00 AM. Her words will undoubtedly inspire our attendees to dream bigger and realize how important it is to exercise self-control and have an open heart.

IYF is thrilled to have Susan Francia at the upcoming 2012 IYF World Camp in Huntington, NY. Learn more about Susan at susanfrancia.com.

IYF welcomes Kim, Jae Gyung, Korean Congressman, as a Leadership Speaker for the 2012 IYF World Camp in New York.

* Educational background

-Geongsang National University Law School
-Seoul University Graduate School Department of Law (Majored in Economic Laws)
-Chung-Ang University Top Construction Management course 31st class
-Korea University highest rank of Construction Management course 10th class
-IMI International Management Institute Global Top Manager course 58th class
-Yonsei University Economics Graduate School Top Manager course

* Career

– Passed the 29th judicial examination, Completed the Judicial Research and Training Institute
– A District Public Prosecutor in Cheong-ju, Busan and Seoul
– The 17th and 18th member of the National Assembly (Reelected)
– Member of the National Assembly of Special Commission on Public Enterprise (former)
– Assistant Administrator of Special Commission on Congressional Ethics, Grand National Party   (former)
– Chairperson of Kyung-nam Province, Grand National Party (Former)
– Ethical Belief in Ethics Committee, Grand National Party (Present)
– General Manager of the Legislation Support, the Grand National Party (Former)
– Deputy Chairperson of Congressional Public Official Ethics Committee (Present)
– Assistant Administrator in National Assembly Knowledge Economy Committee, the Grand National  Party (Present)
– Chairperson of Policy Adjustment Committee Knowledge Economy Chastity (Present)
– Team Leader of Lybia TF Team (Present)
– High Commissioner for Human Rights

* Active in the Congressional Personnel Hearing Special Committee

– Member of Confirmation Hearing, Hearing Committee of Kim Hwang Shik, the Prime Minister Candidate
– Member of Confirmation Hearing Special Committee of Changsoo Yang, Hansung Cha, Nonghwan Kim, Ilhwan Park, Daehee Ahn, Heunghun Lee, Suahn Jeon, the Justice of the Supreme Court Candidates
– Member of Confirmation Hearing Special Committee, Youngjun Mok, Dongheup Lee, Daehyun Jo, the Constitution Constitutional Court Judge Candidates
– Member of Personnel Hearing Special Committee of Hyosook Jeon, the Constitutional Court, the Constitutional Court holdings Candidate
– Member of Personnel Hearing Special Committee of Jongbin Kim, the District Attorney’s Office Attorney General Candidate

* Awards

– Chosen as an excellent member of the National Assembly by 270 NGO National Audit

* Books

– Way to Industrial Powerhouse, 2010, By Books
– Our Economy in 2009, 2010, By Books
– Let’s have conversation, 2008, English version, Published
– Bent Pine Tree that Keeps Pearls
– To Find the Big Rock Face

IYF welcomes Kelly Wright as a Leadership Speaker for the 2012 IYF World Camp in New York.

Kelly is a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel, based in Washington, D.C. He is also a co-host on “America’s News
Headquarters” on Saturdays (1:00-2:00 PM/ET). Wright previously served as a co-host on “Fox & Friends Weekend.” Wright was inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Board of Sponsors at Morehouse College for his “Beyond the Dream” series.

In April 2007, Wright secured an exclusive sit-down with first lady Laura Bush where she responded to the Virginia Tech massacres, Katrina recovery and the President’s final term. His notable coverage events include the Terri Schiavo right-to-die case and the developments in Iraq during 2004. He was among the first reporters to cover the Abu Ghraib Prison scandal and the subsequent court martial cases held in Baghdad.

Beyond Iraq, Kelly extensively covered the 2004 presidential election, including the Democratic presidential race, and both the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries. Previously, Wright secured numerous rare interviews, including a 1996 exclusive interview with O.J. Simpson following the criminal court trial. He reported on numerous high profile newsmakers and events, including John Gotti, and Amy Fisher.

He began his journalism career in 1977 while serving in the United States Army and has received numerous awards for his reporting, including two local Emmy Awards for developing, reporting and co-producing a documentary and news series on the transatlantic slave trade.

IYF is honored to have Kelly Wright at the upcoming 2012 IYF World Camp in Huntington, NY. His amazing story to national prominence will prove to be a time of self-reflection and inspiration for everyone in attendance.

IYF welcomes Steve Lavin, the head coach of St. John’s University men’s basketball team, as a Leadership Speaker for the 2012 IYF World Camp in New York.

Steve’s decorated coaching career spans 15 years in head and assistant roles at UCLA and Purdue University. He guided UCLA to six consecutive seasons of 21 wins or more, and to six consecutive NCAA tournaments.

During his tenure at UCLA, Steve was one of only two coaches in the country, along with Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, to lead his team to five NCAA regional semifinal games (Sweet 16s) in six years (`02, ’01, ’00, ’98, ’97). His career record in the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament was 10-1. Lavin’s winning percentage (90.9 percent) in the first two rounds of the tournament is second only to Dean Smith in NCAA Tournament history. In his inaugural season as head coach, Lavin directed the Bruins to the 1997 Pac-10 Championship and the NCAA Regional Final (Elite Eight).

Steve twice signed the No. 1 rated recruiting class (1998 and 2001), having coached seven McDonald’s High School All-Americans during his tenure. At least one of his players on a given team entered the NBA for 10 straight years (1997-2006). He began his career in 1988 as an assistant to legendary Purdue head coach Gene Keady.

In 2003, Steve joined ESPN and ABC, where he is currently a popular and insightful analyst on NCAA basketball. Lavin has also provided color commentary and expertise on ESPN’s coverage of the NBA Pre Draft Camp as well as the NBA Draft.

Steve’s journey goes even deeper and IYF is excited to have him deliver his unbelievable story of overcoming difficult, and at times, harrowing odds to once again coach such a nationally elite program that is St. John’s University basketball.

Steve Lavin’s Leadership Speech is scheduled for Thursday, August 30th, 2012 at 10:00 AM at the 2012 IYF World Camp New York venue in Huntington, NY.