2018 Korea Camp in LA

IYF will be hosting the 2018 Summer Korea Camp from June 8th (Fri) to June 10th (Sun). Until now, learning Korean may have been challenging and unexciting for you. But this time, under the theme of “Let’s all Play Together”, we offer you an opportunity to go through a set of exciting programs that make learning Korean fun and engaging. Participants will come not only from LA but from Vancouver, Sacramento, Albuquerque and many other cities. We welcome any high school students and adults who have interest in learning Korean language and culture. We assure you that through the 3-day camp, you will learn all about Korea while making friends from all over North America.

Date: June 8-10
Location: 3500 W 1st St, Los Angeles. LA90004
Fee: $50
Email: koreanclass@iyfusa.org
phone: 714-309-9027