GNCorps is a unique opportunity for college-aged men and women to travel abroad and directly engage in all aspects of foreign culture: language, cuisine, performing arts, architecture, sports, and sightseeing.

GNCorps is a 10-months service program designed for you to:
– Advance international collaboration and exchange
– Further established IYF programs and help create new IYF programs based on your skill set

– Help IYF expand its Christian missions work—evangelism, education, training, and special events
– Provide other services that improve quality of life and spiritual wellbeing of natives in your host country


GNCorps does not dispatch to 89 countries every year, but there are active IYF branches in these countries ready to accept you.

The GNCorps Homecoming Festival is a “presentation” GNCorps volunteers about what they’ve learned in the field, and the newfound happiness they’ve gained since serving. Your term of service includes returning home and sharing your personal experience.


Spiritual counseling, community outreach, Sunday School teaching, and mission journeys to remote locations

Energy conservation, waste management, sustainable land use, and tree planting–become a benchmark for the natives of your host country

The immersive nature of GNCorps will allow you to become proficient in your host country’s language by the end of your service term

Most IYF performers have no training or professional dance experience. While with GNCorps, you create cultural dance numbers that could be performed on huge IYF stages around the world

GNCorps has served major events such as the 2002 World Cup and the 2005 APEC Summit in Korea. But no matter where you serve, you will have the chance to become true global ambassadors

Enrich your host country by teaching different subjects, utilizing your passions and skills to educate and inspire others

Become a positive role model for at-risk youths by serving as group counselors and program managers for IYF events

Experience foreign culture and share your own. When you return from your host country, you’ll have the chance to showcase your experience through exhibits, dances, songs, testimonials, and “true story” play productions


We work with you in selecting the host country that will best suit your profile and reap the most benefits from your skills, experience, and enthusiasm. Volunteers from the US are usually dispatched to countries in South America, Africa, and Asia–regions with the greatest need for volunteers.

The following is a breakdown on how GNCorps spread out its volunteers across the world in 2017.


Field experience with other service organizations is great to have when applying for GNCorps. Prior leadership positions are valuable, too. But the main qualification we’re looking for is a commitment to serving others, no matter what the cost. So if you have the chops, we’ll utilize it to the fullest. But no shortcoming should stop you from joining GNCorps.


Basic Requirements

Be at least 18 years of age

Hold a status of US citizen, or permanent or conditional permanent resident (“green card”)

Satisfactory GNCorps Health Status Review–you must pass this evaluation to receive the required training

Valid, government-issued identification:
     • Birth certificates
     • Certificates of naturalization
     • U.S. passports or a green card


Important Info on Your Travel Documents

US citizens require a government-issued U.S. passport valid until the expected date of re-entry into the United States before leaving the country.

Permanent or conditional permanent residents (“green card” holders) are required to submit form I-131 “Application for Travel” to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

     NOTE: Approved applicants will receive a re-entry permit valid for 1 year from the date of departure

Anyone traveling abroad, regardless of residence status, will also typically require a visa from the host country. Requirements and fees may vary.


I remember being touched by the testimony of a student from South Africa named DooDoo while I attended an IYF World Camp in Korea. She spoke about overcoming tough obstacles in order to attend camp. We spent the next 4 weeks together, laughing and sharing our hearts.

When I decided to join GNCorps, I chose South Africa so I could meet DooDoo again. I eventually found her mother and she told me DooDoo had died of AIDS. I was devastated. From that day on, I paid regular visits to those same slums so I could spread hope to children suffering and dying from HIV. This became my dream.

I eventually returned to Korea and started a medical internship. It was a very difficult road, but my dream gave me the strength to move forward. I am now a doctor and a missionary in Benin and I always have the chance to treat those who are in pain and despair. GNCorps taught me what it means to serve others, but also how to nurture my own dreams.

Dr. So Young Park, Former GNCorps Volunteer to South Africa


Officially joining GNCorps and getting dispatched is a pretty simple process. Here is how we get you field-ready:

Complete the Application Form and your local IYF branch will contact you for next steps

Join 3 mandatory GNCorps Workshops at our US headquarters in New York
      • Take our Mind Education course, which is the foundation for GNCorps
      • Work with our staff to determine your role overseas
      • Do hands-on preparation for all aspects of the GNCorps experience so you can hit the ground running
      • Collaborate with IYF decide your host country; the appropriate branch directors will be contacted after this step is confirmed
      • Begin travel document preparation: passport, visa, vaccinations, and other things you need depending on your host country

Join mandatory local Group Projects with IYF where you engage and assist the community, and learn core values in volunteering and service

Once you feel ready, finalize your travel itinerary and documentation with the help of IYF

Create a plan for documenting your time overseas–we can’t wait to see how you do as an official volunteer!

IYF recommends the full 10-month term of service since GNCorps is specifically designed that way. Let us know if you can only manage an abbreviated term–we will work with you for the best possible experience.


Fill out the simple form below and IYF will be in touch with next steps – completing your application, scheduling your workshops, and preparing your documentation to travel.