IYF World Camp

IYF World Camp helps young people transcend their limitations to establish strong spiritual roots and a solid foundation for leadership. Dynamic programs offered by IYF are designed to fuel spiritual and mental growth, instill global awareness, promote intercultural exchange, and develop leadership skills.


Minster of Youth World Forum

An IYF-hosted initiative that assembles international leaders to discuss global youth issues and propose scalable solutions. Past World Forum participants have included national ministers of youth, influential government officials, renowned educators, and youth-minded business leaders who share a belief that IYF has the power to change young people’s hearts and build a prosperous future.


Good News Corps (GNCorps)

GNCorps is an IYF overseas volunteering initiative that develops a true global mindset in the next generation’s leaders. GNCorps is a unique opportunity for college-aged men and women to travel abroad and directly engage in all aspects of foreign culture: language, cuisine, music, architecture, sports, and traditional performance.


World Culture Experience

IYF doesn’t get its members to practice ‘tolerance’ of foreign cultures. We immerse them in it. Whether one travels abroad as a Good News Corps volunteer, a Good News Medical volunteer, or a short-term English Camp volunteer, IYF allows young people to face all facets of their host country’s culture and learn from it.


World Education Leaders Forum

The objective of the forum is to develop academic programs that foster global leaders with virtues and humanity and share experiences in education and best practices from universities around the world.


Music Education

Music with IYF always aims to reach the ends of the world, and inspire hope and wonder. IYF believes music is a universal language that can stir the hearts of any person who listens.