Announcing the Spiritual Development Quiz Raffle Winners from IYF World Camp!

[youtube height=”400″ width=”600″][/youtube]

Thank you for participating. We hope you discovered the “world of the heart.”

Didn’t think we were actually taking names, did you? Well, to the lucky winners who snapped the tag at IYF World Camp in New York, answered the questions about Pastor Park’s spiritual development sessions, and followed the rules, well, your hard work has paid off.


Watch the video above to see if your name pulled for any of our 3 raffle prizes. If you’re a winner, please visit us on Facebook at, “like” us if you haven’t already, and message us your mailing address and contact information so we can send your prize as quickly as possible.


Thanks for participating and for those who didn’t take any of the quizzes, sorry! Hey, there’s always next year!

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